Any comments sofa-r? Government response on Designs consultation

After countless issues papers, roundtables, draft reports and recommendations—after multiple changes of Government—IP Australia has commenced consultation on designs reform in Australia. In 2016, the Australian government had published its response to the three year long ACIP Review of the Designs System, which culminated in a Final report released in May 2015.  The current Australian designs system has been in operation since the commencement of the Designs Act on 17 June 2004. IP Australia is now seeking feedback on three key topics before consultation closes on 20 December 2019. read more...
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Patent Wars: A New Hope (or, the Inventor Strikes Back!)

In this article, we discuss key parts of a recent UK decision and the implications for UK businesses and multinationals with employees carrying out R&D in the UK.  Although there is no corresponding right under Australian law, we also look at best practice for Australian businesses in securing ownership of inventions and other intellectual property rights and related compensation considerations. read more...
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The elephant in the room – is there a tort of privacy in Australian law?

Because data is intangible and not protected by a single legal doctrine the law struggles to fashion appropriate remedies when data has been copied or ‘stolen’ in an unauthorised manner.  The High Court of Australia faced this issue in a hearing on 12 and 13 November 2019 involving a challenge to the validity of a search warrant - leading to the Court wondering whether the journalist was asking the Court to recognise a tort of invasion of privacy in Australian law. read more...
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