About our Alumni

Natalie Hickey

As an instigator and former Chief Editor of IP Whiteboard, Natalie Hickey has watched this humble blog grow from strength to strength. Now, there are lawyers around the KWM network posting on all manner of topics. Personal highlights include her ‘Willy the Wizard’ posts (which led to her receipt of hate email – how exciting!), as well as her posts on topics only tenuously linked to IP (a piece on horse names being a case in point). An alumni of the firm, today Natalie enjoys following the blog in a different capacity.

Jonathan Kelp

Jonathan was there at the start when the Whiteboard was just a twinkle in the IP team’s eye – and my hasn’t it come on since then. He was delighted to see it evolve in so many ways, and grow significantly in popularity, over the 5 year period he was an editor.

And now it’s confession time. Jonathan is ready to admit why Google analytics displayed a single avid reader of the blog in each of Solvenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Turkey in 2010 . Yes, a self-confessed IP nerd can never have too much IP news, even when on holiday on the other side of the world.

Amy Surkis

Amy enjoys all things IP, with a particular interest in patent law and contentious matters. Amy is a fan of the new and the original. So much so, Amy has recently changed her name from Amy ‘Greenberg’ to Amy ‘Surkis’, just to keep things fresh. On an unrelated note, Amy also recently got married. Amy particularly appreciates matters that enable her to make atrocious puns, one may even say that her love for such things is ‘patent’…

Peter Carstairs

Peter has a genuine interest in copyright law, particularly if it involves films or music. Like Dale Kerrigan in The Castle, Peter likes ideas. Other than that, they don’t have much in common.

Anthony McKew

Anthony enjoys the ripples caused by analogue media going digital, litigation involving hip-hop artists, and puns (in no particular order) and his ideal blog post includes all three. He is looking forward to Apple and Samsung amicably resolving their differences, but is settled in for the long haul.

Rebecca Slater

Rebecca is a regular reader of IP and media blogs, and loves following the progress of IP disputes all around the world, particularly when they involve storm trooper helmets or super heroes.

Christina Surm

Christina dabbles in all areas of IP law, both contentious and non-contentious, as well as IT and competition law. Christina also has a marketing degree resulting in her interest in trademarks, advertising and media.

Ben Clemson

As the Editorial Committee’s unofficial geek in residence, Ben built most of the blog and was responsible for keeping the (virtual) cogs well greased and running smoothly. Away from the office Ben enjoys playing his electric guitars, loud.

Paul Quinn

Paul is interested in trade marks, copyright, confidential information and marketing because… well, patents are hard. His blog posts tend more towards entertaining than educational. In addition to being an IP nerd, Paul enjoys playing soccer, cooking (but only ever strictly to the recipe) and watching TV. Also, Paul asked a girl to marry him and she said yes. Paul isn’t sure why she agreed to do that and can only hope that she exercises better decision making skills after they are married.

Shaun Tipson

Shaun used to work as a web developer, and enjoys being an early – if not always enthusiastic – adopter (as demonstrated by the Twitter account that was created in early 08 which has since only had sporadic use). These days, Shaun commutes to work on his bike, wearing a jacket that makes him look (as his wife kindly describes him) like a giant tennis ball, and is otherwise sleep deprived in July due to too many nights following the Tour de France.

George Croft

George Croft loves nothing more than reading nineteenth-century, English copyright decisions (preferably three at a time, as evidenced by this photo). Similarly, George loves blogging on quirky copyright developments from around the globe, including whether there’s scope for copyright to subsist in a ceremonial headdress…or even a flower garden. When not at work, he enjoys getting down to the beach for a surf, or sampling new and exotic beers.

Nicholas Smith

Nick is a trivia buff and IP enthusiast. We also think he showed an unhealthy interest in ‘Old Spice Man’ (yes, Nick is not writing this), or maybe it was just a great post.
Nick’s practice focused on contentious and non-contentious matters involving copyright, trade marks, misleading and deceptive conduct and internet domain names.

Edwina Whitby

Edwina is also a IP litigation enthusiast, with a broad focus across most things IP – trade marks, branding, copyright. Edwina’s love for all things litigation began in her role as tippy to the Honourable Justice Margaret Beazley AO in the NSW Court of Appeal. Edwina has a keen interest in social media and all things latino, being fluent in Spanish.

Samantha McHugh

Samantha McHugh is a solicitor loving everything media, food, fashion and IP, who would like to get to pilates more frequently. With a penchant for mustard-coloured home furnishings and a mean repertoire of desserts, Sam has dreams of one day juggling a successful legal career with a chase for an endless summer around the globe. Sam also enjoys reality TV and online shopping to an extent which is unhealthy. Sam loves writing posts about branding, marketing, celebrities and anything that makes her giggle.

Lucienne Miller

Lucienne loves being outdoors whether it be playing tennis, paddle boarding or scuba diving. And when she is indoors, she is a solicitor in Sydney’s commercial intellectual property team and can be found drafting contracts or advice on a whole range of areas including trade marks, consumer law, therapeutic goods and food laws. She also has a keen interest in social media and has been known to blog on trade marks and branding.

Sophia Finter

Sophia is a senior associate in the Brisbane office. Sophia has worked on most of the music and film piracy cases run in Australia in the last 10 years – like mp3WMALand, mp3s4free, kazaa and iiNet. In her spare time she tries to keep up with her own real life pirates – her kids – Tikai and Aurua.

Maurice Gonsalves

Maurice’s longstanding work for Microsoft helped grow his global reputation but it is the breadth and depth of his contentious IP practice which has kept him at the forefront of IP law for the last 20 years. Recent cutting edge litigation incudes his representation of the Australian Football League in a landmark copyright case against Optus concerning its mobile phone and internet broadcast service. Professionally, copyright law and trade mark issues are key interests (Maurice is a manager of the Sydney trade marks practice). Outside work, Maurice is a true bon vivant, who travels widely and well, maintaining a close and extensive network of friends, colleagues and Mallesons’ alumni he has mentored over the years.

Read more about Maurice here

Hannah Lalo

Hannah is a solicitor in the Intellectual Property and Technology team of our Brisbane office. Having lived on (almost) four corners of the globe (from Paris to the Middle East to small pacific islands and more recently Hong Kong) Hannah particularly enjoys anything IP with an international dimension. When she is not in the virtual world, Hannah spends a lot of her time upside down (doing capoeira or yoga) and eating avocado on toast, she aims to one day be able to do both at the same time.

Katie Dillon

Katie loves few things more than a saucy IP story.* When she’s not blogging about things you’d rather be reading, she enjoys getting outdoors and exploring new places. Katie hopes to use her law degree to work (and play) overseas as she develops her career.

*Things she loves more than a saucy IP story include champagne, new books, leopard print, online shopping and the gym

Daniella Phair

From cloud computing to fashion trade marks to online advertising, Daniella’s IP interests are broad and varied. Whether her IP Whiteboard posts involve trawling Perez Hilton’s gossip websites or reading an ALRC report, Daniella is up for a challenge. She most enjoys the fact that her interests in IP are becoming increasingly intertwined with her entrenched addiction to all things social media and loves being able to legitimately spend 6 hours on Facebook a day at work…

Kathryn Purcell-Hennessy

Caffeine addict Kathryn spends most of her time at work outsourcing IT functions, buying and selling cloud services and drinking coffee. In her free time, she likes reading epic fantasy and crime novels over a latte, and exploring cafes around the world.

Anna Spies

Anna is an IP nerd at heart. She hopes to communicate to the public some fairly useful and novel thoughts on a substantial part of IP law. On subject matters other than work, Anna enjoys strong grounds of coffee, prepared by a person skilled in the art, but insists on the “must not Berne convention” . She may be seen passing off as a keen skier, although her style is substantially identical in overall impression to an avalanche.

Maggie Chan

Maggie loves all things fashion, beauty, food and celebrity related. Seek her out for online shopping tips, the newest hip restaurant, beauty trends, or if you just want to know what happened on last night’s Bachie episode. Of course, we should also mention that Maggie is a fan of everything trade mark, copyright and Australian Consumer Law related – plus the rest of IP in general.