Seasons Greetings… and a break!

Our third anniversary of IP Whiteboard has come round quickly, and fertile discussions about IP only continue to grow.

We are going to take a short break to eat festive turkey, lie on a beach, and think about our forthcoming 2012 posts. 

We do hope that all our readers enjoy the festive season too.  We hope it's safe and happy, with a big thanks for your support over the last 12 months.  See you soon.

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Finally, Moral Rights get some care factor, and we talk Tattoos

Inserted at the rear of the Copyright Act is a part concerning 'moral rights'. It's considered a poor cousin to the good stuff: juicy claims about infringement of musical, literary and artistic works, fights about film rights, and so on.

The 'good stuff' was the focus of copyright law lectures. And then - tacked on at the very end of the course - when Strongbows at the local Uni pub were only an hour away, there'd be a brisk trot through moral rights.


Is the EU a “Community”? Forum shopping and database rights

Football Dataco and The Scottish Premier League are presently locked in litigation against Sportrader GmbH (a German company) and Sportrader AG (a Swiss company).  The claimants, amongst other things, assert database rights in Football Live, a compilation of data about football matches in progress, collected mainly by ex-professional footballers on a freelance basis at relevant matches (truly a case of combining business with pleasure!).  The defendants operate a service called "Sport Live Data" via which provides live scores, results and other statistics, including UK foot read more...

Books without Borders: UPDATE

Earlier this week, we reported on the imminent bankruptcy of Borders USA, distinguishing it from the REDGroup, which owns Borders Australia. It has now been reported this afternoon that REDGroup, the parent company of both Angus & Robertson and Borders, has entered into voluntary administration today.


Books without Borders – Has the Internet killed off the giant bookseller?

In the film You've Got Mail, Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) espouses to Kathleen (Meg Ryan) the benefits of Fox Books, a chain store similar to Borders, and then watches as her independent book store goes under, whilst his mega-chain - and their romance - flourishes.  Now, it's the turn of Fox Books, or Borders itself, with the latter's imminent bankruptcy read more...

Willy the Wizard fails first leg of Triwizard Tournament: US case dismissed

As readers will know, we've been following the copyright cases brought by the Estate of Adrian Jacobs (Paul Allen) against J K Rowling and her publishers in the United Kingdom and, more recently, in the United States. Now, Judge Shira Scheindlin of the US District Court, New York has granted Scholastic summary judgment against Paul Allen. Unless appealed, this brings the US leg of the Willy the Wizard saga to a close.

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