Google ordered to pay $200,000 in damages for online defamation in Victoria

The Supreme Court of Victoria today handed down its damages judgment in an online defamation case brought against Google Inc and Google Australia. The man, Mr Trkulja, was falsely identified as being a criminal on the internet. In particular, when one performed a search using the Google search engine the resulting pages showed an image read more...

Copyright and the Digital Economy – Issues Paper released by ALRC

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) today released the Issues Paper for its current enquiry into copyright and the digital economy.  The review focuses on the suitability of the current law in the evolving digital marketplace.

The ALRC is seeking comment on a number of issues including:


Meet the Partner – Scott Bouvier

Scott Bouvier is a partner specialising in IP in the King & Wood Mallesons Sydney office. He has acted for some of the country’s most interesting clients – from the Sydney Opera House and Andrew Lloyd Webber to CSIRO and University of Sydney.

But who is he really, and what’s his story? We interviewed Scott to find out.

What attracted you to IP law?

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YouTube wins piracy case against French broadcaster TF1. How Pinteresting…

A French court has ruled that YouTube was not responsible for large amounts of copyright protected films and TV shows uploaded illegally to its site.

In 2008, major French broadcaster TF1, brought an action against YouTube claiming €141 million in damages on the basis that YouTube had allegedly hosted TF1’s shows, films and interviews without the consent of the broadcaster, including Grey’s Anatomy and Oscar-winning film La Vie En Rose.