Super satisfactory settlement over sneaky Super Bowl yoghurt song

We previously posted on a dispute between Australian band John Butler Trio (‘JBT’) and US food giant Dannon.  In an ad for its Oikos Greek yoghurt, broadcast during the Super Bowl, Dannon used a song very similar to JBT’s 2004 ARIA Song of the Year, Zebra.  Yesterday, JBT announced in a read more...

Urban Outfitters’ faux-‘Navajo’ knickers in a knot over alleged trade mark infringement

Fashion is, at its core, derivative.  When it comes to intellectual property law, ‘derivative’ can sometimes be problematic.  When a rich cultural history in the sense of tribal names, words and artistic designs is added to the mix, the results can be downright devastating, particularly where it involves the use of these cultural signs for commercial gain.  Last Tuesday, the Navajo Nation filed a complaint against Urban Outfitters in relation to its use of the word ‘Navajo’ on some of its products.



Oikos! Is that a John Butler Trio song? Ad aired during Super Bowl XLVI leads to copyright dispute

For advertisers in the United States, Christmas is over.  That is, the US advertising industry's version of Christmas – the Super Bowl.  With an audience of over 111.3 million, sometimes the advertising seems more anticipated than the on-field play.   


One step closer to a National Business Name Registration System

We earlier posted about the introduction of the new National Business Names Registration System.

As a refresher, the National Business Names Registration Package is comprised of three different acts - the Business Names Registration Act 2011 Business Name Registration (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 2011 and the Business Names Registration (Fees) Act 2011.  The new system will:


“Would you like a defribillator with that?” When life meets brand promise at Heart Attack Grill

The top two topics trending globally on Twitter yesterday morning related to a man who  reportedly suffered a heart attack at a restaurant in Las Vegas called Heart Attack Grill on Saturday night, while eating a burger aptly entitled a "Triple Bypass Burger" – see news report here.  No doubt this will reignite criticisms of the Heart Attack Grill and its place in the United States obesity debate.  

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