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Cate Nagy

Cate Nagy is a partner in King & Wood Mallesons’ Sydney office and is also our ‘chief editor’. When she is not reading IP Whiteboard posts, she specializes in copyright and trade mark litigation and disputes. Her office shelves are crammed with an eclectic mix of consumer goods which have been the subject of hard-fought litigation over the years, including chip packets, hair care products and Russian vodka, in which she claims to have a professional interest only.

Melissa Anderson

A certified chocoholic and avid tennis player, Melissa works as a solicitor in the Sydney IP litigation team. When she’s not brushing up on trade marks, domain names or copyright law, you can generally find her either (i) eating chocolate, (ii) sipping hot chocolate, (iii) searching for her next chocolate fix … or (iv) working off the chocolate on a tennis court!

Bill Ladas

Bill lives and breathes trade mark law. His first stop most mornings is Austlii, followed by Bailii and Curia, to check out the latest in case law developments. It is alleged that the next stop would often then be mrporter.com. Add in a new obsession with following his favourite restaurants, sommeliers and photographers on Twitter, and it’s a miracle he gets any “work” done at all.

Bill has the distinction of being one of the very few lawyers to have worked in the London and Melbourne offices of KWM (the former when it was still SJB). He has now swapped his frequent sojourns to Paris on the Eurostar with slightly less frequent trips to wineries in and around Geelong, the Paris of the South.
Read more about Bill here.

Phillipa Macaskill

Philippa is a solicitor in the IP litigation team in Sydney. She has a penchant for passing off, a taste for trade marks and confidential information is her cup of tea. She also has an insatiable (and somewhat inexplicable) interest in celebrity news and enjoys updating readers on the latest IP dramas that the world’s rich and famous have found themselves embroiled in.

Suzy Madar

Suzy loves a great intellectual property or technology skirmish as much she loves as a complex but commercial transaction. Her clients come from a range of industries including healthcare, IT, FMCGs and industrial products.
Suzy has a particular interest in the regulation of healthcare and therapeutic products; her favourites are pharmaceuticals, medical devices and complementary medicines.
When not doing any of these things, Suzy likes to get her family out of the city, and better still, out of the country!

Damien McRae

Damien ran Mallesons’ annual trivia night in Sydney, which tells you (1) that he knows way too much about pop culture and (2) that he is a pedant for accuracy. These qualities made him the perfect person to help edit this blog and keep the rest of the Whiteboard team up-to-date with the latest quirky IP issues.

James Russell

James is a parochial Melbournian solicitor who loves a good stoush over IP. Particularly interested in copyright law and the protection of content on the Internet, James is also skilled in online marketing speak, and will explain a metatag or the Gestalt effect on consumer perception to anyone game enough to listen. In his spare time, James will either be surviving another deplorable display by the Demons at the Frank Grey Smith (it’s a bar), or will be filling up his freezer with fruits of the sea, caught with the aid of a rod, spear or tank.

Caroline Ryan

Caroline is a special counsel in the Melbourne office focused on contentious IP, including trade marks, copyright, confidential information, patents and consumer law disputes. Caroline is a board member of the Stella Prize for Australian women’s literature. Thanks to her father, she also has an in-depth understanding of the laws and strategy of the game they play in heaven (rugby union).

Bridie Egan

Bridie is a Solicitor in the Melbourne IP litigation team. Bridie enjoys enforcing and defending the whole gamut of IP rights for clients across a variety of industries and has worked on Federal Court disputes involving Champagne, power tools and pharmaceuticals. Outside of work, Bridie enjoys all things wine and food related (although she draws the line at cooking).

Luke Hawthorne

Luke is a senior associate in the Sydney IP Litigation team. Luke loves litigation – he even once caught himself refreshing AustLii. He joins the King & Wood Mallesons team from the world of media and entertainment; sadly, only ever as a lawyer. Swapping the spotlight for the limelight, he enjoys a comment on all things contentious, commercialised, or conspicuously copyright-related.

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