How the Saints and the Pies line up… on the Trade Marks Register

With supporters of both Collingwood and St Kilda amongst us, the IP Whiteboard team is feeling the pressure in the lead up to this season’s second AFL Grand Final.  

After four quarters of football last weekend couldn’t separate the two teams, diehard fans are looking for any reason, no matter how trivial, to suggest their team might gain the ascendancy on Saturday.  Thankfully, IP Australia has come to the rescue, and has conducted an informal analysis of the competing teams’ respective trade marks (all owned by the AFL), which you can see on the IP Australia website here

The very stylish stick figure saint, who sadly no longer appears in St Kilda’s official logo, will bring a tear to the eye of any Saints supporter who had a particular attachment to it.

Superstitious Collingwood supporters, on the other hand, may have real cause for concern.  When Collingwood last won the premiership in 1990, their registered trade mark logo was based on a magpie looking to the left.  You’d think they would stick with a winning design.  However, their current registered trade mark logo features a magpie looking to the right!  Hopefully this isn’t a bad omen.

We’ll leave you to judge which team has kicked more branding goals and which trade mark is best on ground. Enjoy the game!

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