Kellogg’s to protect against “Corn Fakes”

Have you heard that Kellogg’s plans to brand its famous signature onto individual Corn Flakes?  There was initial speculation that this was a hoax or publicity stunt. However, Kellogg’s UK has issued a press release online confirming that there will be a UK trial.  There is presently no intention for a launch in Australia.

It sounds very high-tech…the famous Kellogg’s signature burned onto individual flakes using laser beams.  The concentrated light apparently focuses the energy within the beam down to a very small spot on the Corn Flake.

So why has Kellogg’s chosen to do this?  We had speculated that this was an initiative intended to grow brand recognition (particularly in new markets), similar to the engraved chocolate pips of Cadbury, or Arnott’s scotch finger biscuits.  Such an approach, in Australia at least, could enhance the prospects of a successful shape mark registration (with some concern about how the application would deal with Corn Flakes not having an immutable shape).

However, from the Kellogg’s press release, it seems the focus is on anti-counterfeiting.  It is planned that a proportion of the branded flakes will be inserted into each box to tell the true flake from the fake flake.

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