The perils of enforcing US patent rights: Developments in declaratory judgment jurisprudence

The US Federal Circuit recently held that when seeking a declaratory judgment in relation to a patent held by a foreign entity, specific personal jurisdiction is only appropriate where that entity has sufficient contacts with the jurisdiction in which the judgment is pursued.  

The rationale for this is found in the due process requirements in the US Constitution.  Essentially, jurisdiction is appropriate over an entity when it would be fair to haul it before courts in that forum.  Fairness, in turn, can be established where:

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Txt “STOP” to Mobile Premium Services – ACMA finally registers the Mobile Premium Services Industry Code

No doubt you are aware of those pesky ads on TV asking you to text “FLIRT” if you want to discover how much of a flirter your partner is, text for that too-catchy too-cute ringtone, or even claiming to be able to tell you whether your lover is “the one”.  These, along with psychic and horoscope lines, voting lines for TV shows or competitions, dating and chat services, ringtone services, sports updates and even exam result hotlines, all fall under the banner of Mobile Premium Services (MPS).  MPS are broad, consisting of any content or services that you access vi read more...

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