PPCA Flexes Music Muscles

A decision by the Australian Copyright Tribunal on 17 May ruled that the licence fees paid to the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) for the right to use music in group fitness classes should increase.  The Copyright Tribunal set a new rate of $1 for each attendee at the class or $15 per class (at the gym’s option), representing an annual cost for an average sized gym of $23,400 per year.  This is approximately a 1,500% increase from the previous cost of 96.8c per class, capped at an annual maximum of $2,654.

While the PPCA has welcomed the decision, Fitness Australia’s CEO Lauretta Stone has indicated that Fitness Australia is reviewing the decision to consider whether there are grounds for appeal.

Gyms across Australia had been bracing themselves for the outcome of the proceedings for over a month now, with some gyms distributing pamphlets to members advising them of possible changes to the music played during their fitness classes.

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