Sadly, we don’t have a Situation here!

The IP Whiteboard caters to all types, including those obsessed with the US reality-series Jersey Shore, which follows the adventures of 8 self-proclaimed “Guidos” as they live, love and fight (sometimes sequentially, sometimes simultaneously) through the beachfront paradises of the New Jersey coast (and later Miami).
The show has produced two notable breakout stars: Michael Sorrentino, a gym instructor, so proud of his washboard abs that he has nicknamed them, and himself “The Situation”, and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a pint sized firecracker with an exaggerated fondness for pickles and steroid-enhanced men (colloquially known as “Juiceheads”).
Both The Situation and Snooki have applied to trade-mark their nicknames for commercial purposes, the former for a variety of clothing, the latter for “printed matter, namely books”.  Sadly, for fans of stylish clothing and literature worldwide, both applications have been rejected by the US Patent and Trade Mark Office.  Snooki’s application for “Snooki” was rejected because of a likelihood of confusion with the registered mark “ADVENTURES OF SNOOKY” which is for a children’s book about an underwater cat, while The Situation’s application was rejected because of a likelihood of confusion with the registered mark “SITUATION”, which is owned by a clothing store. 
The Situation’s lawyers unsuccessfully attempted to argue that there was no likelihood of confusion because The Situation is not associated with any clothing retail store in particular, and the mark would only be used on clothing associated with The Situation.  However The Situation’s lawyers may have bigger fish to fry: On September, an individual by the name of Jing Lin filed documents attempting to trade mark The Situation’s surname “Sorrentino” for clothing products. The Situation is well-known as a lover not a fighter, but his lawyers may not be as accommodating…

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