A straw-poll for our readers – what wine bottle label is this??

We like to think that we know our readers quite well here at IP Whiteboard. But do we? Really??

Obviously they’re incredibly smart and ridiculously good looking, and have great taste. But what are their thought processes when they’re let loose in the supermarket or bottle-shop?

With the aim of getting to know you a little better, we thought that a straw-poll might help. As it is one of the more interesting issues in trade mark law (see our recent note on the Kit Kat shape mark battle in the UK here and the Coke v Pepsi shape mark stoush in NZ here), and as it is the subject of a recent decision from our Australian Trade Marks Office, we thought that we would ask about the impression given by a good old “non-verbal” mark.

So, our dear readers, without fear or favour, please let us know if you recognize the wine label below.

Please email your answer to [email protected].

Once we have a reasonable number of results, we will let you know the outcome on an anonymous basis.