Super satisfactory settlement over sneaky Super Bowl yoghurt song

We previously posted on a dispute between Australian band John Butler Trio (‘JBT’) and US food giant Dannon. In an ad for its Oikos Greek yoghurt, broadcast during the Super Bowl, Dannon used a song very similar to JBT’s 2004 ARIA Song of the Year, Zebra. Yesterday, JBT announced in a statement posted on Facebook, that John Butler had “come to a satisfactory settlement” with US advertising agency, Poptent, the creators of Dannon’s ad.

Dannon’s ad will no longer contain the contested piece of music and the statement suggests that “both parties are happy this issue is behind them”. Indeed, while it is reported that JBT manager Philip Stevens refused to disclose whether there was a financial aspect to the settlement, in a nod to music blog Tone Deaf,

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we think it’s probably safe to say that “the milky bars are on JBT”.