Promises, promises: Full Federal Court of Australia finds invention useful in ESCO Corporation v Ronneby Road

We can all be guilty of promising more than we can deliver – but for a patentee, that can be fatal for the validity of your patent.  Under Australian patent law, inventions must be ‘useful’ in order to be patentable, and one of the complex elements of this requirement is whether any promises made with read more...
Subjects: Patents


All’s fair in love and war? The limits of the “fair dealing” copyright exception

The Fair Dealing-Fair Use war has been raging in Australia since antiquity. The Fair Users fondly yearn for the green pastures of American-esque copyright law. They imagine a vast nation where creative works are freely and peacefully disseminated as Fair Use, their benevolent sovereign, smiles on creators and consumers with equanimity and impartiality. The Fair read more...
Subjects: Copyright


Sorry – your name isn’t on the list! Canada’s Supreme Court orders Google to de-index certain unlawful websites globally

A decision in June by Canada’s Supreme Court in Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc., 2017 SCC 34 has ordered Google to de-list certain unlawful websites from its search results worldwide. The decision has sparked immediate debate about the implications of such global takedowns on freedom of speech and on the power of Internet intermediaries. read more...