Popping prosecco’s bubble: geographical indications and the prosecco war

As we leave the holiday season behind us, let’s “wine” down and discuss the latest saga in Australia’s wine industry. In 2019 Australia’s free trade negotiations reached a fizzing point when the EU asked Australia to honour Prosecco as a geographic indication (“GI”) of Northern Italy. Honouring Prosecco as a GI would prohibit local wine read more...

“13 Reasons Why” to watch Article 13 – Copyright reform in the European Union

Last week, a plenary session of the European Parliament has voted to adopt changes to the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (or the Copyright Directive for short), that was first introduced by the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs on 20 June 2018. The Copyright Directive contains a number of sections that have been extremely polarising – critics argue that the Copyright Directive will encourage a form of censorship while supporters argue that the Copyright Directive will protect the works of artists and creators. One of the most contentious parts of the Copyright Directive is Article 13. read more...
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HOUSE HUNTERS – favourable treatment of TV show titles at the EUIPO Board of Appeal level

Ahhhh, I love the smell of a freshly printed EUIPO absolute grounds case in the morning! Often the most interesting decisions are those relatively rare beasts in which the initial examination objection is overturned by the Board. In a recent decision, the 4th Board of Appeal had to consider the registrability of HOUSE HUNTERS in read more...
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